London College of Fashion MA dissertation project (sample):


animana brand manual and communication strategy (sample):



Asili athleisure launch strategy (sample):

Asili athleisure launch collection – research and design process:

Trend Research – Trend Reports, Runway Shows, Lifestyle Analysis, Image Collection

Mood Board

mood board2

Style Boardstyle board2

Color Boardcolor board2

Design Sketches

Final Designs and Fabrics

design board


adidas and Reebok Technical Design work:





Michigan football quarter back Denard Robinson models the retro jersey to be worn for the Michigan vs. Notre Dame “Under the Lights” during a press conference at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich. on June 10, 2011. Angela J. Cesere | AnnArbor.com


Briggs NY Design Assistant work:

port7 1 port7

Personal design projects:

1_prelim sketches




Pattern-making and Sewing:

White Gown

Baroque Corset

Baroque dress

Baroque dress back

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