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Visual Map of Thesis Reseach

Here is a visual research map created in illustrator for my thesis being conducting this year:

The Benefits of Cross-Industry Collaboration with Orthopedic or Osteopathic Professionals in the Design of Athletic Apparel


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Graduate Profile at LCF

Recently, I had an interview with the publicity team at London College of Fashion, and they posted it on their blog.  Here is the link for the full interview:

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Thesis development…

For this collaborative unit, I want to explore how athletic wear can be designed to work with natural body function as opposed to pushing it harder, faster, stronger.  For instance, our spines need to flex at key points where a waistband might sit, and our ribs need to expand for a full breath where a sports bra band wraps around the chest.  There must be a way to incorporate natural necessary movement into body wear design and technology.

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Fashion Design Management thesis development

Over the course of the next 12 months (Sept 2015 – Sept 2016) I will be developing, conduction, and writing a design management masters thesis.  Thoughts so far:

I think I will do my research thesis on restrictions athletic apparel create in female athletes’ bodies – necessary collaboration between designers and osteo professionals.  Tight waistbands and sports bra elastics inhibit movement at crucial points on the spine and compressed certain nerves and organs, but I don’t believe this is always an area of knowledge of fashion designers.  Why design performance apparel that block natural functions?  Had a good chat with my osteopath about this…

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Flair: Design your Daily Work, Products, and Services to Energize Customers, Colleagues, and Audiences

Manuscript due the end of this month.  Here’s the final cover design

book cover

First publication due out mid-late 2015

Look for my co-authored book Flair: Getting to the Essence of your Products, Services and Daily Work to Captivate your Audience (working title), which will be available through Maven House Press for purchase online and in stores later in 2015.


In the mean time…

Unfortunately, I need to take a recess from this blog to pursue another writing project.  In the mean time, please follow my high fashion pinterest page at for inspirational and cutting-edge designs.