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I’m back! …and doing a PhD

Hi all. After a long hiatus on this blog, it’s about time I picked up again to share some concepts about designing sportswear for people with physical disabilities. I’m continuing on at London College of Fashion to explore a participatory design approach for sportswear design for people with upper limb mobility impairment. More to come…

Authority Marketing “Flair” podcast

Learn how to use “Flair” to energize your customers, colleagues, and audiences from my co-author Jim Poage in his podcast for Authority Marketing –

Jim discusses how to reach your target audience on an emotional level using the six building blocks of flair that we outline in our book –

“The book Jennifer and I wrote called Flair, and the subtitles [correlate with] designing your daily work, products and services to energize customers, colleagues, and audiences. The important thing about flair is to engage emotionally and energize people. If you energize people, they’re more likely to act [and to] follow up with you. Energy tends to overcome inhibitions they might have about acting, and help spread the word and message about what you’re offering. It helps move it and propel it around among others.”



Thesis development…

For this collaborative unit, I want to explore how athletic wear can be designed to work with natural body function as opposed to pushing it harder, faster, stronger.  For instance, our spines need to flex at key points where a waistband might sit, and our ribs need to expand for a full breath where a sports bra band wraps around the chest.  There must be a way to incorporate natural necessary movement into body wear design and technology.

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Flair: Design your Daily Work, Products, and Services to Energize Customers, Colleagues, and Audiences

Manuscript due the end of this month.  Here’s the final cover design

book cover

In the mean time…

Unfortunately, I need to take a recess from this blog to pursue another writing project.  In the mean time, please follow my high fashion pinterest page at for inspirational and cutting-edge designs.