Sportswear Experience Mapping

Taking cues from oft-used user journey or consumer experience mapping, this activity (built in Miro) maps a sportswear user experience. It was applied in user workshops to map the body-sportswear interaction of various consumers with an upper limb impairment or difference. A creative thinking warm-up, this activity helped to think through key interactive touch points with sportswear use. After determining sportswear-related barriers and positive experiences, ideal designs for this consumer group were explored through open idea generation brainstorming.

The image shows a grid titled what were your past experiences? The first row is titled Challenge: what made this difficult? The second row is titled Opportunity: what worked well? There are four columns: choose a garment, put it on, workout, and remove it. Each cell is populated with virtual post-it notes. There are green post-its for the challenges row and yellow post-its for the opportunities row.

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