Participatory Design – Stakeholder Mapping

It’s all about reaching the right people for expert collaborative input. Inclusive and adaptive sportswear design is such a complex (and new!) multi-disciplinary field that it’s taken knowledge from many different areas to get a holistic sense of this field of design. Of course, the users and excluded consumers are key! This lived experiential knowledge is central to making sure this research is meaningful and representative. But knowledge from fields of biomechanics, adaptive sports, sportswear designers, disability innovation and engineering, and more are also necessary. This map shows who was consulted throughout the exploratory research, concept building, and validation of the final output.

This infographic shows the final output - visual toolkit - at the centre, bound by a circle representing the users. Nine branches lead out from this circle and point to: sportswear design instructors, orthotics developers, adaptive apparel designer, physiotherapist, adaptive/inclusive sports coaches, sportswear designers, disability innovation engineers, biomechanics researcher, and inclusive designers.

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