The Fashion Olympics

It’s Winter Olympics time, and countries are racking up their metal count.  A great introduction to the participating countries’ flair and drive was the opening ceremony where hopeful athletes paraded into stadium in a variety of colorful, multi-textured, and definitive team uniforms.  Some dazzled with vibrant hues and reverberating prints, while others underwhelmed with plain, solemn neutrals.  Here are some highlights (and a few disappointments) from the athlete introductions.

Bermuda:  These athletes appear to have donned their sons’ private school uniforms, but kudos on incorporating the iconic “bermuda shorts.”


Canada: One of my personal favorites, the Canadians went for a red toggled, hooded felt coat, a la Padding Bear embarking on a journey.  It’s very wearable yet sporty when paired with the hat and gloves embellished with the bold “Canada.”


Germany: Another favorite with a sea of summery bright hues in a warm wintery toggled puffer.  Such a mash of colors and the red patterned pants could have been a tacky blemish in the ceremony, but the effervescence of the excited athletes made this a cheerful moment amongst some other more somber options.


Spain:  Here is another uniform inspired by the “boy’s private school” look, but the pop of gold of the women’s blazers adds a nice contrast to the otherwise bland band of black and maroon conservative outfits.


USA:  This conglomeration of red, white and blue stars and stripes is unmistakably “American!”  It is also obviously ugly.  That’s all.


Please note the above photos come from

Britain:  England’s outfits where sadly incredibly boring and somewhat militant-looking with conservative styling and solid navy and black.  I expected more from them.


France:  France, like Britain, used neutral colors on simple silhouettes but in a much classier, pleasing manner.  The men’s blazer cut and women’s wrap style of the thin puffer coats in a charcoal grey make them look tailored and sophisticated, and adding khakis and a flag-striped scarf, give an air of national pride and class.



Russia:  I’ve seen some posts bashing the Russian opening ceremony outfits, but I find them fun and upbeat.  The use of fur trim, tightly patterned trim, wide men’s lapels cross-over lapels, and of course the hats bring a proud, whimsical close to the host country’s opening ceremony.

Olympics: Opening Ceremony


The above photos from from

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